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  2. Mr David Peace.



  3. trepidation


  4. Birkdale nature reserve. 03. 08. 2104


  5. mr. paul clitheroe


  6. the three little birds

    A curious find in the park whilst walking the dog. It looks like they were placed there by someone as I find it hard to believe they would be in such a position otherwise.

    Today they have gone.


  7. beatbox


  8. working lunch


  9. the grand design


  10. Tim

    Tim arrived in Victoria Park in Waterloo Liverpool on Thursday night. His tent was pitched in a corner of the park and he caused a lot of idle chatter with the locals eager to know who this strange man playing guitar was. On Saturday morning whilst walking the dog he waved me over and asked where he could buy some groceries and we chatted for a while.

    He is from the South Shields area of the UK and last year he travelled all over Europe covering several thousand miles. This year with nothing else to do he decided to leave his friends flat in London and travel to Scotland on his bike. His trip started in April and he ended up in Liverpool on Thursday. The weather prediction for a few days was heavy storms so he decided to stop, pitch up and rest for a while. He was a very amicable and friendly guy, happy to answer the locals questions and tell tales of his adventures to anyone who asked.

    To his and my dismay some busy body who has nothing better to do told the council of this man and his tent in the park and he was told to move on, so on Sunday at 7:00 he had to pack up and head off towards Southport and find somewhere else to stay for the night before continuing his journey north.

    I have a lot of time for people like Tim who have the spirit of adventure to see the world and not be tied down to the constraints of what others consider to be normal but lead his life the way he wants. 

    I hope Tim doesn’t have to put up with more nosey complaining people and he has a safe journey to Scotland.

    There was one question I pondered as he rode off through the park though. “where did he go to have a shit for the last 3 days?”


  11. gardening at night


  12. tooth fairy


  13. Rivington. Lancashire. 06.07.2014


  14. Lounge lizards


  15. Almost blue